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Wallopball is a new high energy, low impact sport that is similar to American handball; however, instead of hitting the ball off the wall with your hand to score points, you kick it. The Wallopball Sports League is dedicated to providing an organized, high quality sport for our players that will enhance their social, emotional and physical health, in a positive and safe environment while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.

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how it all got started...

During the 2016 Summer Olympics I questioned how the Olympic Committee chose what sports to showcase. Right after that thought I said to myself, "You can create a sport." I prayed about it and talked to God as I continued to watch the finale of track & field, which is my favorite part of the Olympics. I thought and I thought. "What hasn't been done?" Many sports ran through my head the next few days. By the end of the second week I had it. No one was kicking the ball against a wall. I wrote down everything I could think of, which was actually a few words. The foundation of "Wallopball" was born. However, there was a dilemma... I didn't know if it would work. Once I found a wall and bought like six different balls, I urged my husband to come out with me to see if it would work. He said no and I was perplexed. My husband stood flat footed and asked for the rules but I didn't have any.

"What good are rules if we can't get this ball to do what it needs to do?" I questioned. 

My husband firmly said that he would not go out with me until I had some rules in place. He suggested I find a sport similar to my idea and form my own rules. That's exactly what I had to do if I ever wanted him to go out with me. I looked up a couple of sports and I formed six rules and came back to him. He had no other choice at that point. We headed out and we kicked the ball all the way to heaven because we had no idea how to control where the ball went. COMPLETE FAIL. I went home discouraged. Although things looked bleak, I moved forward and trademarked my sport and copyright the rules. Months later I decided to take another stab at trying to make what I saw work in my head happen in real life. I asked my daughter to call a few of her friends to help get the game going. Hoping they could do what I couldn't. We struggled for awhile because no one had previous ball kicking skills. After weeks of not being able to control where the ball went when it was kicked, I made a post on Facebook in search of someone who had soccer experience and my friend Mary Gwann recommended her daughter, Destiny. Destiny stopped by and gave the guys a few kicking pointers and immediately Wallopball came to life right before our eyes. we are!
~Helen Baskerville-Dukes

dream big

Dreams don't work unless you do!

                           ~John C. Maxwell

Wallopball Sports League TM

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