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  1. 2 players per team

  2. ​7 points per set - must win each set by a 2 point lead

  3. Game winner - The most sets won out of four 8-minute time periods

  4. After each point, each team rotates serves unless penalized

  5. The team that loses the set will serve the next set

  6. Served ball must bounce off of the wall, over the 2' serve line and and then bounce on ground/floor inbounds two times before being kicked or touched by opponent

  7. Once ball has been served the entire court is in play

  8. If server serves over the server line or on the line the server loses a point and their serve

    • Opponent does not gain a point

  9. Once served ball is kicked against the wall the minimum floor ball bounce is 1 with a maximum 2 bounces

    • Opponent can kick/hit ball bouncing directly off the wall without a floor bounce

  10. If the ball bounces or is kicked on the boundary lines it is still in play

  11. NO hands or arms can hit the ball at any time

  12. Fouls & Penalties (Hand touch, Blocking & Technical)

  13. Timeouts: 3 timeouts per game per team

    • (1) 20 second 

    • (2) 10 second timeout 


    • Wall Height (10’)

    • Wall Width (20’)

    • Wall Served Ball Line (2’)

    • Court Floor Width (20’)

    • Court Floor Length (45’)

    • Serve Line Width (3’) both sides

    • Serve Line from Wall (24’) both sides

For detailed rules & penalties email:

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