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We know this sport is new and we are so excited you're here with questions. If you plan to play, we encourage you to practice, practice, practice! Other teams are planning to take home first place! 

Do you provide uniforms?

Can we register the day of the tournament?

How many people on a team?

What kind of ball to use?

Do you provide balls?

Where can we practice?

What time do we show up?

Is there an admission?

Will the MEDIA be there?

Will there be another Tournament?

Is this only a Rhode Island Sport?

How can we get Wallopball in our high school?

Will Wallopball become a college intramural sport?

Yes, we provide your jersey for FREE. You'll receive your Jersey when you sign in on Saturday, December 9th.

We encourage you to register on line as soon as possible. There are limited spots available. If you register the day of the tournament and registration is full, we will put you on the waiting list. Being on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will play.  

For this tournament each team must have two players.

We use an 8" playground/dodge/kick Ball.

Yes we do. We can have some delivered to your school or you can purchase one from Walmart for under $6. 

If you contact us, we will drop balls off at one of the WALL locations. All wall locations should have a ball there in a black bag attached to the fence.

Click on the WALLS tab to find a Wallopball  or Handball walls. You can also practice at your local Rec Center or School.

Games will begin at 10am. There is a 3 part elimination and each game, except for the Championship game will win will be determined by a 7 point  Set.

Admission is free and we encourage you to invite your family and friends to come watch you play and cheer you on!

The MEDIA is invited. Be prepared to possibly be on TV.

Yes. Time and Facility To Be Determined

Currently, with plans to expand.

Please contact us at and we can guide you through the process.

To Be Determined

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